Best Scotch Eggs

City Paper

22 W. North Ave., (410) 244-8447,

Are you hungry and looking for some good company? Four words: Irish pub, Scotch eggs. Liam Flynn’s is where we go when we want to go out alone—it’s the ultimate snack-‘n’-craic experience. Grab a stool, order a pint, start a conversation, and dig into a breaded-and-baked, locally sourced, sausage-wrapped egg with pickle slices and an amazing mustard sauce. It’s only six bucks, but here’s the thing: It’s so good, and it comes on a small plate that makes some of us feel like oh, well, maybe since we’re here alone nobody’s gonna notice if we order another one. If you’re self-conscious re-upping with the barkeep, don’t worry. They’ve got spicy chorizo, garden pepper, toasted fennel, and country sage—just say you wanted to try another flavor. You glutton.

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