Best Public Evaluation of Personal Hygiene

City Paper

1041 Marshall St., (443) 453-9698,

They make a mean burger at The Abbey Burger Bistro—they even won City Paper’s Burger Bracket competition in 2013—but the first time we stopped in for a bite and sat at the bar on the first floor, we couldn’t help but notice the placement of the sink for customer hand washing. Rather than in the restrooms, they’re out in plain sight of everyone, between the respective entrances to the gents’ and ladies’ rooms, and our first thought was, well, this makes sense, because the delicious Abbey burgers can be a bit messy, and it’s convenient to have access to a sink and tidy up one’s hands without having to monopolize the WC, but then we realized the bonus benefit, which is an easy public shaming of anyone who doesn’t wash up after they hit the can. Keep an eye on your date the next time you stop in.

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