Best Pizza

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641 S. Montford Ave., (410) 522-1000,

In the ever-expanding pizza abundance of Baltimore this was a tougher choice than usual, but Verde is the absolute pizza-tossing-hands-down winner. You might be a “regular pizza” enthusiast, so your pizza appreciations might be limited by your possibly poor perception of a pizza place using imported Italian flour and where your server will talk to you in detail about how the dough for your particular pie was prepared, but you owe it to yourself to knock down one (or two) of the 49 specifically engineered pie assemblages on the menu. If you are afraid of “fancy” pizza, play it safe and go for one (or three) of the 21 red-sauce pies in the “Pizze Rosse” category ($9-$19), but you can’t talk with authority about pizza in Baltimore until you take a shot at something off the “Pizze Speciale” list—specifically for us, the revelatory Pistacchio e Salsiccia ($17), with pistachio pesto and sausage. Verde also rocks vegan pizza and white pizza, and it’s particularly proud of its gluten-free options.

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