Best Late-Night Dining

City Paper

2200 Boston St., (410) 675-7077,

The Sip & Bite in Canton is a schizophrenic place at night. Depending on which day it is, you could spend the night chilling and reading a book, or you could watch a table of bros yell at each other about the girls they were never going to pull. Regardless of the scene, the Sip & Bite is stalwart in the ways of late-night eats. Its menu is Homeric and features anything you could possibly be in the mood for. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner can all be had and most of it is good. When we go there after a night of drinking, we order the creamed chipped beef on toast with a side of scrapple because . . . drunk. Try it for yourself before you judge and find out why people have been eating there late-night since 1948. But be sure to tip the wait staff in cash since five former staffers who filed a pending lawsuit claiming they weren’t paid wages, in some cases for years. Sip & Bite paid $60,000 to settle a similar lawsuit filed by a waitress in 2012.

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