Best Korean

City Paper

2016 Maryland Ave., (410) 244-5600

Long before clubs such as the Crown and Club K started opening up in the Korean stretch of Maryland Avenue, foodies were flocking there for the top-notch Korean barbecue. There are plenty of choices, and Nam Kang or Joung Kak would be your choice if you were looking for a good atmosphere as well as a good meal. But, if you don’t really give a damn that it looks like “a Subway crashed into a Hardee’s,” as we described the decor last year, Be-One’s meat can’t be beat. Bring some friends and order the “B.B.Q. Set A,” which includes brisket, beef ribs, beef and chicken bulgogi, and boneless ribs. Holy moly! And if you don’t have any friends, you can order any of the items separately. The pork belly also rules. Just try not to let your drool dampen the fire of the table-top grills as that succulent smoke wafts up to your nostrils while the servers expertly prepare your meat.

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