Best Italian

City Paper

846 W. 36th St., (410) 814-0652,

When we have a craving for some Italian in Hampden, we head to Luigi’s. The meatballs are house-made from a family recipe and the sandwiches are stacked high with Italian meats and cheeses, including our favorite, The Scooch. Speaking of stacked, the menu boasts a whopping 24 types of sandwiches. Not to worry, there are ample dishes for our vegetarian friends as well. There’s seating on the “front porch” and the “living room” has a TV on; both make you feel that you’re dining in someone’s home rather than a stale public space. And while we’re down with other Hampden lunch specialties like pizza, Frito Pie, and Royal Farms chicken, we love Luigi’s for its fresh veggies and salads as a healthy alternative. Seriously though, The Scooch? THAT’S Italian. 

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