Best Hegemony

City Paper

Disclosure: City Paper had a tiny little comedic mini-feud with the management of the short-lived reincarnation of the Chesapeake restaurant; we needled them about their $21 Whistle Pig Manhattan, and they turned it around on us and worked the cocktail and active ingredient into a photo op in our very own paper. With that said, we don’t like to see anyone fail at a restaurant, but we now welcome with enthusiasm the Karzai administration and the new Pen and Quill, operating in the former Chesapeake space. The Karzais run the country of Afghanistan, along with three other long-successful restaurants in Baltimore (Helmand, Tapas Teatro, and b - A Bolton Hill Bistro), and it doesn’t take a loya jirga to recognize that this expansion in Station North promises stability and order in a region heretofore lacking viable governance and more-reasonably priced cocktails.

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