Best Falafel

City Paper

Guilford Ave. & Lombard, (443) 824-2134, 

While some falafel might come with fancier toppings—we’re looking at a couple of sad tomato slices and iceberg lettuce here—this isn’t the award for Best Falafel Toppings, this is the Best goddamn Falafel. These balls are so good they don’t need the toppings, unlike some other falafel out there. Each piece is a delicate balancing act between earthy cumin and fresh herbs. Crispy on the outside while still possessing chunky texture on the inside, Yomna’s falafel is a delight no matter what it’s paired with. While you can get it as a wrap or a salad, we heartily endorse getting it over its nicely spiced rice. It’s a meal and a half for just $6. 

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