Best Desserts

City Paper

820 E. Baltimore St., (410) 332-0390,

Patisserie Poupon doesn’t sell doughnuts, it doesn’t sell cupcakes, and it damn sure doesn’t sell Cronuts®. What Patisserie Poupon does sell are delicious and decadent pastries that are beautiful and sophisticated enough to look like art but taste so good you don’t think twice about destroying their splendor. Bona fide French cakes, tarts, and cookies brighten up Patisserie Poupon’s display case while also making it impossible to pick just a few to take home with you. It sells most of its desserts in mini versions, but if you must get one item full-sized then go for the fraisier, a rich confection made with strawberries, mousseline cream, and genoise sponge cake. It’s out-of-this-world good and will make you remember how lame cupcakes really are. 

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