Best Delivery System

City Paper

600 N. Calvert St., (410) 385-2800

Nina’s, located on the corner of North Calvert and West Centre streets, is a cozy two-level café whose Korean food makes for an excellent carry-out lunch. The only problem? The kitchen is on the second floor, which could make for a horrible inefficiency. Luckily, Jeanhee Bong, who works the cash register, has it all figured out. Once you place an order for fried rice or a bulgolgi burger, she’ll pick up an old RadioShack intercom and repeat your order into it for the kitchen staff. After you wait for a few minutes, a kitchen staffer will approach the second-floor balcony, place your order in a basket, and lower the basket on a rope down to Jeanhee. It’s like Rapunzel letting down her hair, but with ramen noodles for golden locks.

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