Best Coffee Drink

City Paper

2501 Eastern Ave., (410) 534-1286,

There are coffee drinks and then there’s Patterson Perk’s Rocket Fuel. Though Patterson Perk owner Jennifer Tydings won’t give up the secret, we’re pretty sure this high-octane specialty contains numerous shots of espresso, black coffee, and maybe some cocoa, as that’s the taste lingering in the mouth after a good glup. No milk, ice, sugar, cream, or anything non-caffeinated is present in this beast of a drink. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is for the lovers of coffee. Real coffee. Not some ersatz milkshake frappuccino concoction that shops serve to soccer moms in suburbia. Perk’s Rocket Fuel is why we got into drinking coffee in the first place. For the pure, 100-percent caffeine rush. 

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