Best Cheap Restaurant

City Paper

821 Washington Blvd., (410) 230-0440

Pigtown is the last place we would think has the best Ethiopian restaurant in Baltimore—or an Ethiopian restaurant at all, for that matter—but there it is on Washington Boulevard and man, is it good. There are only 10 dishes on its menu and four of them are breakfast-only items, but what it does have is worth checking out. The beef tibs are spicy and bright with tomato salsa, while the vegetarian platter is full of lentils and collard greens. For what you pay at Ebenezer you get a lot of food. The injera bread served with the food is big enough to use as a blanket for a nap later, and is the best in the city. It’s slightly tangy and has a texture that holds up to Ebenezer’s food perfectly. 

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