Best Butcher

City Paper

2600 N. Howard St., (443) 873-8887,

We dare you to go to the butcher counter at your neighborhood Safeway or Giant and ask for two-inch-cut pork chops, a bavette steak, or some blood sausage. Most likely you’ll be answered with a blank stare, or at best a finger pointing you over to the pre-cut aisles of who-knows-how-long-that’s-been-sitting-there meat. Enter Parts & Labor’s newly opened butcher shop. Specializing in nose-to-tail butchery, where nothing’s wasted in the process, P&L does its best to recreate an old-school butcher experience where home cooks can request their own thickness of cuts, order up non-traditional steaks, or get crazy with off cuts such as liver or pigs feet. The prices can be high, but considering its farm-to-table sourcing and attention to detail, we think it’s worth it when the occasion calls for it.

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