Best Burger

City Paper

1028 S. Conkling St., (410) 327-0760,

Having the best burger in town does not mean that you have the biggest variety. Just because you serve marmoset, wombat, or crane burgers does not mean that they taste good. Of Love and Regret knows this and that’s why it serves one burger and makes sure that it is perfect. Granted, the theme of the burger changes every week and with that change comes a new slew of toppings such as peppadew aioli, bacon and roasted chalet marmalade, and smoke beer steak sauce. Chef Keith Curly has created burgers with names like California Knows How To Party, burg du Bordeaux, and the South American blackened burger, which pair well with the amazing beers served at OL&R. Almost as good as the burgers are the wide fries that it serves as a side. They’re crispy, salty, and definitely make you want to drink more beer.

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