Best Brisket

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Smoking Swine proprietor Drew Pumphrey was the super-enthusiastic cover model for our most recent EAT dining guide, and for the shoot, he brought along various cuts of the intoxicating array of animal flesh he rubs, bastes, smokes, and otherwise lovingly prepares and distributes via his truck. For us, the standout was Drew’s dry rubbed brisket, a meat miracle that had us in a hallucinatory state of barbeque bliss, and every time we’ve sampled it since out on the streets of The City That Eats, the Swine’s brisket never varies. It’s like The Lord came down, took a piece of meat, turned it into butter, and then turned it into the Smoking Swine’s Lonestar brisket sandwich ($11). Good God Almighty, that’s some beautiful fucking brisket. For a side item we suggest the meaty beans ($5), on account of they contain chunks of brisket, urp!

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