Best Barbecue

City Paper

8826 Washington Blvd., Jessup, (301) 503-0391

There are a lot of roadside barbecue setups on Route 1 in between Elkridge and Jessup but we think that Las Delicias not only has the best barbecue on that strip of road, it has the best barbecue around. Las Delicias serves a simple menu of meats that are slow-cooked and then finished to order on a giant wood-burning grill rig. The wood is the key to the fantastic flavor on its pork ribs, chicken, carne asada, and our favorite, the beef ribs. Luckily, you can get a mixed platter of all four in one container with rice, beans, stewed tomatoes, and thick tortillas. Be sure to get a bag of its homemade pickles (onions, carrots, and jalapeño) if you’re picking up or at the table if you’re eating there. The pickles go so well with the meat that you’ll wonder why you’ve never put the two together before. 

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