Best Sulphurous Smell

City Paper

Summer brings with it many delicious smells. Fired-up grills, blooming flowers, homegrown tomatoes, fresh donuts under the JFX, spilled Boh at Camden Yards—delicious. And then there’s the sulfur smell. Sometimes it wafts off the surface of the Inner Harbor in inversion events—that’s when the bottom of the harbor comes to the top and the dead algae lets loose the sulfur from remaining bacteria. This year we’re smelling it along President Street in the vicinity of the old Public Works Museum. It might be another inversion or fish kill in the bay, or perhaps it’s the ghosts of public works past, haunting the streets in a reminder of what happens when we don’t invest in infrastructure. Wherever it’s coming from, it is a classic Baltimore summer smell, and in this city we know how to take the bad with the good.

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