Best Park

City Paper

Paca Street and Druid Hill Avenue,

St. Mary’s Park, in the heart of Seton Hill, is one of those places where worlds come together. It can be seen as the joint that binds Mount Vernon and Pennsylvania Avenue in the very heart of the city. With its trees and rolling grassy hills with the big brick wall surrounding it, it’s a perfect place to chill with the dog, sit with a friend and a J, or do some kind of athletic activity like playing Frisbee. It doesn’t have the crowds that some of the fancier parks have and that’s what we love about it. Last year, Seton Hill won “Best Neighborhood” partly because of this park and the French Fair, which takes place here each year, and is one of the city’s best and most low-key festivals. So if you want a bunch of bells and whistles with your parks, go elsewhere. But, if you want to chill, which is what parks are all about, then St. Mary is your babe.

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