Best Overlooked Monument

City Paper

South of Lake Montebello between the eighth and ninth holes of the Clifton Park golf course

Baltimore may have first earned the moniker Monumental City in 1827 when John Quincy Adams found himself blown away by the Battle Monument, the Washington Monument, and the Aquila Randall monument at North Point, but it has stuck because we’ve got the things tucked away in every park and hidden corner in the city. Clifton Park, a former estate of Johns Hopkins, is home to several monuments, including the living monument, Mother’s Garden, and the 1936 monument to Martin Luther that reigns above Lake Montebello. Hunt around a bit more and you’ll find On the Trail, a monument sculpted by realist artist and Baltimore native Edward Berge (1876-1924). This monument to the indigenous people of the region (or maybe to our fantasy of them) rises from overgrown bushes, and you’ll have to get down on your belly and crawl through them if you want to find the plaque. This monument makes a great addition to any Baltimore scavenger hunt, and it is a good reminder that we don’t always remember what it is we thought we were remembering when we erected that monument.

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