Best Orioles Freebie

City Paper

Guys are always so freaking psyched for Free Floppy Hat Night at the Orioles game that it’s a little embarrassing—the way they’ll turn in the brims by the last inning (and fifth beer) and take a dorky-looking picture like a co-op of hippie ceramists in Eugene, Oregon, or give you their ticket for FFHN if they can’t attend but you gotta hand over the Woody Allen-esque fisherman’s topper. No other Oriole giveaway so excites the club’s so-very-excitable fans. The ladies’ cap with Hawaiian print given out on Mother’s Day this year got walk on by-ed while the 2011 camo floppy can be found on eBay (bet it’s not being sold by the original owner). This year’s model with a low-contrast gray bird face on black print is at least better than the 2013 orange bucket with the baseball stitching commemorating the 1983 World Series—that one had extra flop. 

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