Best Down-and-Going Neighborhood

City Paper

More than 200 years ago Fells Point was actually a separate entity from Baltimore Town, a feisty shipbuilding village, which literally took on the world. (See: history of 1812.) Today where is it? Hard to say with the vertigo-inducing construction going on down there. Harbor Point to the east, the newly completed Union Wharf condos on Wolfe Street on the west, the ever-lasting construction project on Broadway to the north, and the occasional red tides in the harbor. Fells Point as a neighborhood teeters in flux, like watching mold grow quickly via time-lapse photography. It’s hard to believe that Fells Point was once in position to be the art ghetto that is now Hampden. Remember Miss Irene’s, the Original Daily Grind? Sticky Fingers? Flashback? Remember upstart bands played there? Now we get high rents and shopkeepers in doorways pining for mid-day customers. Today dah Point stands as gentrification at its finest,  a neighborhood that everyone wants a piece of, chipping away its sense of itself and doomed to become a “Blade Runner” tiered boardwalk stop where the rich, uber rich, the lacking, and the poor  gawk at each other on their drunken drive home. 

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