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The recent Old Bay ad campaign has been up all over town, on billboards and TV screens, featuring black-and-white photos of people from all walks of life, and those images are the work of the late great photographer Sam Holden, who passed, much too soon, in April at the age of 44. City Paper is still mourning him, and we’re still celebrating him, so it occurred to us immediately as a group to call him out for this award, and it’s pretty cool he shot last year’s winner, the irrepressible Rodney Henry—along with some guy named John Waters—for last year’s Best of Baltimore cover, two guys who scream Baltimore in a very public way, while Sam repped the city behind the scenes, behind the lens, capturing so many faces and places and things that make Baltimore live and breathe, from the profane to the sacred, and a lot of it ended up on our pages. We’re happy to announce there is a memorial fund that has been established in Sam’s honor at Towson University, where he taught photo lighting and made an indelible impression on a lot of young photographers, and if the fund can hit $25,000, it will become a scholarship, so we’re asking readers of CP and friends and fans of Sam to kick in what you can to help make this happen, and then kick in a little more.

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