Best Use of Video In a Play

City Paper

Acme Corporation, 1900 St. Paul St.,

In order to present Peter Handke’s minimalist play about the limits and acquisition of language, Lola B. Pierson went maximalist and recruited half of Baltimore’s arts scene to create video scenes that would accompany 2013’s “Best Actress” Sophie Hinderberger’s always-spectacular acting. Connor Kizer, Eze Jackson, Temple Crocker, frequent Acme collaborator Cricket Arrison, Alan Resnik, Dina Kelberman (of CP’s Important Comics), Erin Gleeson (erstwhile CP calendar editor), and Acme co-director Stephen Nunns all created videos. And Renaissance man (and erstwhile CP contributor) Rjyan Kidwell and EMP diva Carly Bales made a cheap-looking porno which was strangely moving (i.e. it was the heart and not the loins that stirred). If done poorly, such things could ruin a play, but watching “Kaspar,” it was impossible not to say “there should be more of this.” 

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