Best Use of Music in a Play

City Paper

Annex Theater, 1 W. North Ave.,

If you are making an adaptation of “The Bacchae,” Euripides’ play about Dionysian excess, you had better give the audience a chance to feel a bit of Dionysian catharsis. And did they ever in this Annex production. Early on, the bacchantes, or maenads, who included CP columnist Lexie Mountain, took each audience member by the hand and got them dancing to original tunes by Dan Deacon and Matmos—two acts that straddle Nietzsche’s Apollo/Dionysus divide like a couple of enthusiastic strippers. Anyone who has ever seen a Deacon show knows what the Dionysian is all about, and that music helped “Two Suns Over Thebes” bring out the pathos, eros, and, well, tragedy of Euripides’ play. Erstwhile CP contributor Rjyan Kidwell—who also performs as Cex—as the conflicted Pentheus only added to the overall effect. 

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