Best Unsung Band That Broke Up Before Its Time

City Paper

Late in the game, we found out about Big Christ by watching the band play illegally under a chilly Hampden bridge last fall. Honestly, we weren’t expecting much from a bunch of unassuming-looking young guys. We were wrong—their powerful sound and live chops blew us away and we tried not to miss a show after that. Live, vocalist Adam Marans belted out confrontational yet personal lyrics in a booming monotone while the band (guitarist Spencer Michaels, bassist Ryan Shreves, and drummer Simon Reichley) lurched and pummeled, wearing their mid-era Flag and Shellac influences on their sleeves along with a lot of cooler noise-rock bands we probably don’t even know about, but it worked. Bands that sound like this and are from Brooklyn debut songs on Pitchfork and play at ATP. Since Big Christ was from Baltimore, it broke up before its time, leaving behind a handful of EPs, great memories, and the regret that we didn’t check it out sooner.

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