Best Summer Jam

City Paper

Four years ago, Maryland-based producer and rapper Kenton Dunson walked away from the security of a job in finance to take a gamble on his music career. Since then, he’s made some famous friends and played to some big crowds, but he’s had enough experiences as a starving artist to channel into what’s quickly come to feel like his signature song and crowning achievement, ‘Broke Ass Dope Ass Rapper.’ Released in July, the propulsive track opens with “Yesterday I spent my last hundred dollars on a microphone and whiskey,” and from there tempers a frank look at the music-industry grind with self-effacing humor and clever wordplay. Nodding to the latest pejorative term for rappers who haven’t made it big yet, he notes astutely, “I think it’s funny that they call it struggle rap, that’s where the fuck rap came from.”

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