Best Song

City Paper

This type of bittersweet dance song is what Future Islands have been doing for nearly a decade now, but ‘Seasons (Waiting On You),’ from their breakout album “Singles,” is the quintessential Future Islands sad-sack synth track, and not only because it knocked David Letterman’s socks off: There’s the nerdy nod to their ’80s influences with that Underworld “Born Slippy” musical quote in the intro; the way it defiantly rushes forward, a bed of emotive electronics and a sturdy bassline; and there is growler Sam Herring’s heartening, wizened poetry. “People change, but you know some people never do,” he says with a stiff-upper-lip sort of sadness. In a way, Future Islands could’ve stopped after cooking up this one, having made the platonic Future Islands song, but instead it seems like they’re just getting started, with the rest of “Singles” moving the group into more ambitious emotional and musical spaces while raising their profile significantly.

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