Best Slow Jams

City Paper

Amy Reid and Chase O’Hara mix Baltimore club, electronica, trip-hop, video game music, quiet storm, space disco, bed-squeak fuck-rap, and more with the simple appeal of low-BPM bump-and-grind ’90s shit that’s in right now (for good reason—Aaliyah and Ginuwine were great!). And so, Chiffon is perfect for Baltimore bedrooms: It delivers the make-out music goods but affords it an experimental arty edge. And seeing Chiffon lit by the red light of The Crown, performing ‘Find Me’ off its “Marble” EP earlier this year in particular, made us want to take a cab back home with our partner mid-song, or at least, contemplate getting kicked out of the show for too much PDA on the couches in the back corner.

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