Best Simultaneous Channeling of Henry Rollins and Morrissey

City Paper

For teenage boys dialed into music, temptations of homoerotic curiosity might’ve been midwifed by first exposures to two different musical frontmen: Morrissey’s swaying, vulnerable wit and Henry Rollins’ beefy, athletic prowl. Over the years, shows by either man’s bands drew droves of adolescent guys that basked in the glow of the singers’ charismatic, often-shirtless energy. When Future Islands appeared on “Late Show with David Letterman,” chances are singer Sam Herring made more than a few teen dudes wonder, “Would I?,” with his dudely, sensitive, and utterly bewildering performance. Equal part Morrissey’s wild oscillations and Rollins’ all-black-clad hot animal machine, Herring chest-bumped and awkwardly box-stepped himself and Future Islands into mainstream fame, and probably into a few hearts as well.

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