Best Reason to Refresh Facebook

City Paper

Some might call Paparazzi’s attempt to host a metal fest during Maryland Death Fest folly. After all, hosting a similarly named event at the MDF’s former location seems crazy, doesn’t it? We call it genius. While Paparazzi may have failed at crafting a compelling metal festival, it succeeded at creating a social-media behemoth. With an out-of-the country organizer, the response by metal fans and local internet gadflies slowly shifted from statements of mild disbelief to intense trolling that ultimately reached the heights of absurd internet comedy as we all watched in astonished glee. Once the doors opened (and the event’s wall closed), DeathScape spilled out into local social media as whole Facebook feeds suddenly became consumed with meme images and photos of punks posing proudly in cavernously empty rooms. We just clicked refresh again and again. While we never actually made it to DeathScape, as far as we’re concerned, we were there. The only question: When is DeathScape II?

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