Best Rain or Shine Event

City Paper

On Federal Hill/Inside AVAM’s JRVC 3rd Floor, (410) 244-1900,

It’s hard to beat watching a movie while enjoying your own food on the side of the spacious green of Federal Hill. Named one of the “World’s Best Free Things,” AVAM’s summer movie series is a hit outdoors, but we think its indoor rain location deserves a shout-out. At the first whisper of bad weather, AVAM Tweets/Facebooks the location change, conveniently sending hundreds of moviegoers shuffling into the Jim Rouse Visionary Center’s 3rd floor. Chairs and plentiful floor space are provided, and sound reverberates through the space with even greater clarity than outdoor Plan A could provide. If the energy of the audience at this year’s rained-out opener, “Back to the Future,” was any indication, the event was a success. When you have to compromise with Mother Nature, this is how you do it.  

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