Best Power Move/Cold Shoulder

City Paper

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Any relationship that ends after 15 years is going to have a messy breakup, but they don’t usually end as coldly as the one between The Charles Theater and the Maryland Film Festival. In February, film festival head Jed Dietz said that Charles Theatre refused to rent out the theater to the festival, even though the Charles had hosted it since the theater’s re-opening in 1999. Kathleen Cusack Lyon, one of the operators of the theater, told The Sun, “The movie theater business is an extremely competitive one. We need to focus on what is in the best interest of the theaters.” It’s like a boyfriend breaking up with you because you’re distracting him from his career. At least the film fest was able to get by with a little help from its friends, with MICA, University of Baltimore, the Walters, and The Windup Space all providing space for the film screenings. 

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