Best Next Big Thing

City Paper

Young Moose is a 21-year-old MC from East Baltimore with substantial street and internet buzz (the video for his song ‘Posted’ currently has more than 130,000 views on YouTube) and an impressive mixtape titled “O.T.M. 2.” He combines Baltimore’s specific fusion of New York-meets-Philly pulp rap with the rubbery sounds of the South (particularly, Baton Rouge’s Lil Boosie) and writes terse, often harrowing lyrics about his life. He’s got charisma and an honesty that’s easily relate-able to the many people who feel like this city is fucked up or have been fucked by the city themselves. This guy matters. You hear his tracks all over the place, with ‘How Would U Carry It’ climbing out of cars and the ubiquitous ‘Posted’ crackling from smart phones. Moose’s buzz became most palpable to us when we heard a couple of elementary school-age kids singing Moose’s ‘Dumb Dumb’ as they waited for the bus with their mom. He’s Baltimore’s next big thing.

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