Best New Outdoor Venue

City Paper

Charles Street and North Avenue, (410) 962-7075,

Once a rocky and rat-filled vacant lot (lovingly referred to as Russell’s Rat-Porn Emporium), the YNOT lot is now a grassy green space with a wooden stage and brightly painted shipping container and mural by Santtu Mustonen. There are even a few trees. But, more importantly, it has hosted some killer performers, including TT The Artist, Team Squard, DJ Angel Baby, and more. With Charles Street shut down during the Open Walls 2 closing, the YNot lot was like a thumping club as Ryan Mitchell and CP contributors Lexie Mountain and Michael Farley, danced in outrageously colored costumes on a stage up above the throngs in the lot. There was also plenty of that favorite Baltimore pastime, public drinking. Station North Arts and Entertainment Inc. manages the lot and they’re asking for ideas—just make sure they include music . . . and drinking. 

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