Best Music Festival

City Paper

There’s something about a music festival occupying different adjacent bars in a city that can’t be matched by outdoor or even camping festivals. So while Fields Fest, Deathfest, Shindig, and even Artscape proved to be great music fests, Ladyfest, which brought dozens of bands to the Windup Space and Liam’s over the course of a weekend, totally ruled. All of the bands featured women, which was cool, even if we wish it was unnecessary—Neko Case’s great tweets that attacked Playboy for calling her a “woman in Music” come to mind—it is still a nice way to feature some of the women who fucking shred this city: Natural Velvet, Wet Brain, and the amazing War on Women are some of the city’s best bands. And then there’s the Degenerettes, who played a blistering set with erstwhile CP contributor Rahne Alexander busting the best of the spirit of the New York Dolls rock ‘n’ roll. The organizers and volunteers busted ass—and, we hear, caught a lot of shit for their efforts. Fuck the haters, we loved Ladyfest. 

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