Best Mad Scientist

City Paper

Resnick has spent the year in his electronic laboratory blowing our fucking minds. His Adult Swim infomercial “Live Forever As You Are Now with Alan Resnick” addresses our real desire for technology—we are terrified of dying—and its failures in a hilarious way (we interviewed his “avatar” Teddy), and in his half of “Base Period” at the Springsteen Gallery, he used pictures of “gazing globes”—those horrible little backyard bubbles—on YouTube to create something astounding. A lot of artists rely on technology to cover for a lack of technical skill or a lack of ideas, but Resnick uses it to explore the meaning of existence. We reckon Resnick will do something truly astounding soon and he may just well become immortal through his machines—even if not in the way his video explores/mocks. 

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