Best Fuck The Haters

City Paper

If you are a woman, you are constantly harassed by men who wanna tell you how hot you are, or how you ain’t shit at all, or, better yet, how you ain’t shit once you’re not impressed with them telling you how hot you are. On the internet, this is magnified, thanks to web anonymity and, it seems, a group of boorish bros whose goal is to put women who dare to express themselves anywhere in any way “in their place.” Artist Lindsay Bottos said “fuck that” and began pairing expressive selfies with the hateful anonymous comments clogging up her Tumblr Ask box (a sample dumb dude insult: “oh wow you dont shave your so revolutionary and unique grow the fuck up.”) in a photo series titled “Anonymous.” It was a brave and daring way to dismantle these dicks using their own cluelessness that pushed millennial concerns about online harassment into the mainstream when it received attention from BuzzFeed, Complex, the Huffington Post, and plenty of other places.

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