Best Filling the Otakon Void

City Paper

With Otakon set to leave Baltimore in 2017, it’s easy to think about what we are losing: the tourism dollars, the excellent people-watching, etc. But at the last second—a challenger appears! To the uninitiated, Bronycon might feel the same, just smaller, but while both events appeal to a similar demographic, bronies seem earnest in contrast to the average jaded Otakon attendee. The “My Little Pony” fandom is newer, with what seems like a younger fanbase, eager to make connections and learn. It’s thus more panel-focused and less oriented toward the dealer room and its rare Gundam statuettes. Both events have their share of questionable furries (if you don’t know, don’t ask), but in our experience the creep factor at Otakon has always been off the charts. Though we’ll miss the people-watching on Pratt Street, we say: Bring on a convention that celebrates friendship and exploring gender roles in a thoughtful way! 

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