Best Early Adopter

City Paper

Station North officially became Baltimore’s first state-designated arts and entertainment district in 2002. Would it work? Within a year it had attracted roycrosse, a Trinidadian-born artist who was living in Newark, New Jersey. In a townhouse on West North Avenue, roycrosse painted and sculpted and showed his work. He played gigs in the neighborhood with his steel-drum-based quintet. He helped curate the “Gotta Have Art” festival. “Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve always taken part,” roycrosse told City Paper in 2008. “There has to be some kind of reciprocity with a place.” On Feb. 20, 2014, roycrosse died. You can feel his big spirit by looking at his art and reading the blog where he chronicled life with cancer. Station North looks a lot different than when roycrosse moved in. Whatever it becomes, roycrosse represents what it was supposed to be about.

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