Best DJ in the Club

City Paper

A crowd pleaser in the best sense of the word, James Nasty has doggedly maintained Friday night’s “Physical Education” at the Ottobar, a club night for experts and dabblers alike, all the while also sometimes slipping some club into the bar’s two-for-Tuesday nights from time to time. Along with that, there are Nasty’s occasional deep-cut sets at The Crown and other local spots, and of course, his stellar “Calvert St.” EP. Nasty plays club music, the track you all know and want to dance to, and some obscurities, but he knows when to play to a crowd and interrupt a series of hard-hitting club songs with say, a string of ’90s alt-rock hits or throw the crowd a rap-nerd curveball and send them down a wormhole of classics from cult rap group UGK. Club is default for Nasty and he DJs it expertly and aggressively when he needs to, but he knows when to mix it up or offer a counterpoint, perfect for the subgenre-hopping tastes of dance freaks in 2014.

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