Best Dancing on Wheels

City Paper

1601 Pennsylvania Ave., (410) 669-9100,

The Shake N Bake Family Fun Center, founded by Former Baltimore Colt Glenn Doughty in the 1980s, is one of the coolest scenes in the city. Under the disco ball and old-school flashing lights, people are making art on wheels, dancing at high speed, as they snap—a quickly shifting move that has earned Baltimore the sobriquet Snap City—JB, or roll in trains 10 deep howling “Ya Ya Ya, Fire in the hole,” like CeCee Cureton, the president of the Lowriders Skate Crew, does. Cureton and his wife thought the place was so cool, they held their wedding party in the rink’s Billie Holiday room. There is also a bowling alley. Shake N Bake gives an indication of how Pennsylvania Avenue must have felt back in the days when it was a cultural hub, drawing the likes of Holiday to the street. 

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