Best Country and Folk Band

City Paper

The Mole Suit Choir is a supergroup of two. This chorus of rodentine costume allows scene stalwarts Rupert Wondolowski and the inimitable genius Liz Downing to bring out the best in each other. Wondolowski’s poems become templates for Downing’s strange and ancient-sounding phrasings and arrangements. It is primitive and avant-garde, with old backwoods songs about campfire spacesuits and moon clues. And yet, it is indubitably folk. Downing’s voice is not only moving—it is heartbreaking and it interacts with Wondolowski’s with surprising alacrity. Let’s hope they will continue to grow more ambitious and perhaps convince the rest of the art scene to join them in something like Downing’s old band Lambs Eat Ivy’s astounding performance of avant-garde pop folk at the BMA in 1991 (see “Ghost Girl” on YouTube), because they have a lot to say. 

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