Best Comics Artist

City Paper

Baltimore has its own Raymond Pettibon, Pieter Brueghel, and Gary Panter all rolled into one. Noel Freibert, or “Mr. Freibert” as he is more ominously known, fills his comics with melting faces, contorted bodies, and nightmare-ish imagery that falls into this darkly comic Lynchian gap between horrifying and actually kind of adorable. He curates and contributes to the quarterly anthology “Weird.” The fifth issue of “Weird,” which was just recently released, is a police brutality purge. He also contributed disturbing strips in Fantagraphics’ “Insect Bath” #1, contributed to the tome of post-Tumblr comix fuckery, “Mould Map” #3, and released a 76-page solo book, “The Hole.” For those who aren’t hip to where underground comix have been headed as of late, maybe you’ve caught Freibert’s Floristree show posters for bands like Ed Schrader’s Music Beat and No Age hanging up around town.

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