Best Comeback

City Paper

The godfather of club music Scottie B has never really gone away. Indeed, he is one of the few club veterans who hasn’t grown old and bitter, caught up in thinking that the whole musical world owes him something. Instead, he’s taken on a supportive role, reaching out to neighboring cities interested in club music while at the same time, Buddha-like, remaining fairly unimpressed by the attention paid to the city and occasionally himself (he has officially remixed Kanye and M.I.A. and, refreshingly, doesn’t remind you of that fact all the time). But this year, his occasional DJ sets at cool-skewing spots such as Current Space, The Crown, and The Windup Space were particularly impressive: Mixing street rap hits of right now with almost 30 years of club classics, and a few bloggy buzzy bangers, Scottie put every web-scouring dick of a DJ half his age to shame.

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