Best Beatmaker

City Paper

Over the past few years, Schwarz—known for his mind-boggling productivity and batshit crazy ideas—has gone from an anomaly in the hip-hop and club scene to a producer who admirably and expertly sees his batshit crazy ideas through to staggering results. There are his Schoolly-D-meets-Merzbow beats for Abdu Ali’s “Infinity Epiphanies” EP, the completion of his trilogy of aggressively positive party songs (‘U R Beautiful,’ ‘Tonight’s The Night,’ and ‘Open Up Yr Mind,’ the first of which was 2013’s Best Song), a beat for internet hero Lil B, and the deserving-of-its-own-award Ferguson protest track ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.’ Add on top of that hilarious “twerk” remixes of VH1 slow jams like Six Pence None the Richer’s ‘Kiss Me,’a love of hardstyle and an absurd, laughing-but-very-serious approach, and you’ve got a beatmaker both unpredictable and remarkably consistent.

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