Best Bad Branding

City Paper

One of the most exciting club producers to come out of the city’s post-Blaqstarr scene is beatmaker Murder Mark. With his raised profile came concerns about his rather loaded name. Now, anybody who actually gives a shit about club understands that dance music’s use of violent language (“The DJ killed it last night”) has nothing to do with real-life violence, but you can also understand why a smart, motivated kid from Cherry Hill wouldn’t want to be known as Murder Mark (also he won’t break through to the mainstream with that kind of name; there’s some career savvy in there too). So Murder Mark became Mighty Mark, and with the name change came a whole muscle-bound superhero persona, with comic-book imagery and a Superman shtick that’s just plain corny. And ultimately, it has made it harder to introduce his music to outsiders than when he was the more loaded and off-putting Murder Mark. Now praising Mark’s killer production skills entails saying something like, “Yeah, this whole Mighty Mark thing is lame as fuck but” before you pull up his website and load a track that’ll blow a dance-music dork’s mind.

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