Best Artist

City Paper

“DAREDEVILS,” the intoxicating feature-film debut from veteran performance artist, filmmaker, installation artist, and musician Stephanie Barber, made its local premiere in March, by which time it had already seduced audiences at the 2013 New York Film Festival and Houston’s Blaffler Art Museum. Like “DAREDEVILS,” Barber seems to get more love from other cities—“DAREDEVILS” was a narrative prize winner when it played the Athens International Film Festival, and she’s got solo shows/screenings coming up at New York’s Anthology Film Archives, the National Gallery of Art, Binghamton University in New York, and at experimental theaters in Chicago and Milwaukee. Her work was also included in the “Poetry will be made by all!” exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland, alongside such contemporary experimentalists as Christian Bok and Ed Atkins. People might not being paying much attention to her here, but everybody else is.

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