Best Wine Bar

905 S. Ann St.,, (410) 342-8466

Curating wines is what wine bars must do, and, thankfully, no two results will be the same-this being about selecting wine, an unfathomably diverse universe of mouth-watering delights. Thus, each wine bar is, in this sense, like a snowflake-all unique, all special, all bearing the cool promise of catching a taste of fun on your tongue. The setting, therefore, is key. There are plenty of good wine bars in Baltimore, offering plenty of good wines, but V-NO has the lease on a prime Fells Point waterfront location, where the waning sun bathes its outdoor tables and its barroom with an intense glow that begs for shades, which make you and your glass of wine look fabulous. The clincher: When it's dark or chilly, V-NO has blankets to wrap up in. Where else can you wrap up in the blanket under an open sky on the waterfront and cradle a big-ass glass of red wine and not be some rich-ass, yacht-owning mansion-dweller? When you're ready to head home, pick up the $60 half-case-it's a bargain and an education all wrapped up in one, reusable carry-out wine sack.

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