Best College Bar

5804 York Road, (410) 532-7335

The sign reads Favorites Pub, but the bar's actual name is Craig's. Formerly the host of the outdoor binge-drinking bash of the school year-the now defunct Craig's Fest, felled by liquor board licensing complications, forcing undergrads to move the party to Power Plant-Craig's lacks the aesthetic niceties of Fed Hill or Fells college hangouts. Its walls are decorated with cardboard specials ads, its dancefloor illuminated by beer-logo neon lights. Here, it's just cheap liquor, deafening music, a dilapidated outdoor deck for smoking, and sweaty students dry-humping. Once, a sewage pipe burst on a weekend night, raining shit down on the underage masses beneath. Sucking face or not, try to stay clean, kiddies.

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