Best Dive Bar

501 S. Lehigh St.

Just to be clear, we mean "dive bar" in the best sense-the kind of place where whiskey is the only thing either neat or straight and no one is looking to get seen. These kinds of bars are getting rarer and often seem like a relic from an earlier era. Sportsman's Spot sure does. The minute you walk in, it feels like you're back in the 1970s. There's an ancient hi-fi stereo hooked up to the old jukebox; fake boobs hanging above the bar; and numerous toys and statuettes with giant penises on the shelves. Nothing is politically correct, but it's not creepy either. It is dark, like a good bar should be-with dark veneer, dim lights, and only a few games to lighten things up. The locals sitting around all seem to know each other, but they're friendly to outsiders. Beers are cold, cheap, and domestic, and you can sit all day and drink without feeling out of place.

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